Independent Learning Tools provides one-on-one, multisensory reading and spelling remediation using the Wilson Reading System®. Our services can be provided on-site or within our office. ILT staff members offer the highest quality instruction, maintaining the standards of fidelity outlined by Wilson Reading System®.


Students receiving multisensory remediation need to be scheduled for a minimum of two, one-hour sessions weekly in order for the intervention to be effective.  Instruction typically is one-on-one; however, we are certified to provide this instruction for groups if desired.

Other Services

  • Reading fluency tutoring

Students work on applying taught skills at the word, phrase and paragraph level using programs such as Wilson Fluency/Basic, Great Leaps, Read Naturally.

  • Reading comprehension tutoring

Students learn how to visualize or ‘make a movie’ of text in their head using strategies from Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing.

  • Memory strategy tutoring

Students learn how to be more efficient in their studies through learning memory ‘tricks’ and strategies.

  • Written expression remediation and support

Students learn how to pre-plan and execute well-crafted writing, including work on writing mechanics, complete sentences, five paragraph essay work as well as specific instruction around drafting a thesis statement.

  • Diagnostic Reading Evaluations

Students are evaluated to determine reading strengths and weaknesses in order to guide treatment plans

  • Wilson Reading System® teacher training

Teachers learn how to effectively teach students with dyslexia within the school setting.  Click here for more information or to register.

  • Independent Education Plan (IEP) support and advocacy

Parents learn how to better share information about their child and to ensure that a high quality, responsive plan is in place in the school setting to support their learning.